All About Telegram App – Features and 90% details

Messaging apps (Telegram App) have become most popular now to communicate with your family or friends.  It gives you a good platform to get connect with your all contact anytime. Like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger app, telegram app is the one best app for you as it is more secure than other apps.

If you want to know about the features of the telegram app then read this article as it will guide you to get all details regarding the telegram.

What is Telegram App?

Telegram App

Telegram is an online messaging app that works as popular messaging apps for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This means you can use it to send messages to your friends when connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data. Telegram is based on the cloud and says it prioritizes security and speed, making it a great alternative to other popular messaging apps. The service was launched in 2013, and has since reached 200 million active users every month.

Telegram is just a messaging app or tool like WhatsApp, and a LINE app that helps you connect with all your friends or family in a simple and easily accessible way. The Telegram app is more secure where it gives you increased security and privacy for your information.

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Features of the Telegram App

There are many amazing features that set the telegram apart from other messaging services; include:

  1. The ability to edit photos and videos before posting, you don’t need a separate video or photo editing app to do your integration. This is because you are able to do this within the telegram app using its inter phase. To edit videos or photos one has to click on the attachment file and select a file from the gallery or simply select a new one from the camera. When this process is complete the options will appear to edit the file before sending it; you can make color adjustments, image differences add Emoji and add text to videos.
  2. Secondly, if you want to clear the evidence of a text message you have written, you may end up hurting yourself and wanting to keep a secret by setting a timer instead of deleting it. To set an instant timer, swipe to the right of the homepage, tap “New private chat” and add recipients. Now tap the clock icon and set the time to destroy yourself, at your preferred time limit (usually from one second to 1 week). The clock immediately begins to notice temporary messages displayed on the recipient screen.
  3. Another feature is automatic download and play media. This includes automatic media downloads and media playback. One can turn this off to save mobile data; in this way some unnecessary downloads of large files are dealt with. To enable it go to “Settings” click on data and save and turn off automatic download “when using mobile data” and “when roaming”. Options to turn off auto-play GIFs and videos are available.
  4. Draft: Sometimes you get frustrated when you type important messages and forget all about it; only when the help of the framework is readily available. Your unfinished (draft) messages are automatically saved and synced across devices. This means you can start typing your message in the sand of your mobile device and continue on your desktop. Drafts will remain in the editing area on all sync devices until they are removed or shipped.
  5. Live Location Sharing: Do you want to share your location with a friend; for example, you want to share your live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or even 8 hours. In case most users share their live location within a group, showing it on a compact map. To use this feature tap on “share my location“.
  6.  Create a Channel: This feature allows you to stream messages to multiple viewers; and provides direct access to people, sending notifications to their devices with all posts. Leaving and joining channels can be done by users at any time. When a user joins a channel, they can see the entire message history. They are two types of supported channels; public and private channels. The public channel can be joined by anyone while the private channel can only be joined with an invitation link. To create a channel, swipe right on the home page, then tap on “New Channel” to provide your channel name, description, select channel type, and create a unique URL. In doing so a new channel will be built.
  7.  Send organized and silent messages: Telegram has a feature that allows you to send a message at a specific time and on a specific day. Hold the “send” button on any conversation and select “edit message” to automatically send content at a later time.
  8.  Another feature to send without sound is “send without sound”; you can send a message freely if you know the recipient is in a meeting, shopping or studying. The recipient will receive a message notification without sound.

FAQs on Telegram

How old is telegram app?

Telegram app first launch for IOS on 14 august 2013 and the version for android was officially launched on October 20 2013.

Which kind of device can be used?

The Telegram app can be uses in all devices such as android, Ios,  PC,  mac, tablets. The cone in various versions for IOS, android, a universal desktop for window,  macOS and Linux.

Is telegram app is an Indian app?

No, telegram is not an Indian app as its development is based on Dubai. Also, most of developers came from St. Petersburg. Now it had base on the locations like Berlin, London and Singapore because it is move out of Russia due to IT guidelines.

Is telegram app is safe to use?

Telegram is more safe to use than messenger app i.e., WhatsApp; as telegram app is built upon time tasted algorithms which are based on the MTproto protocol. These things make it more secure than others. Therefore, it offers more security and privacy to the users.

Conclusion on Telegram app

Telegram app is the best app and it faces major competition from other messenger’s app. It is the secure app than others. It is owing to its message delivery speed, security and privacy focus it is able emerge among them. If you have any query regarding the details of telegram then comment below.

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