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Telegram has recently added several new features (Auto-delete feature on Telegram) to its software to provide users with the best experience possible compared to other messaging apps. For example, Telegram recently launched an update that allows you to set your messages to auto-delete after a certain amount of time has passed. 

This update adds an auto-delete timer for messages in every conversation and new customize able invite links and home screen widgets for easier access to your chats. Additionally, groups will also have an infinite number of members.

Telegram users can delete all messages for all users in a conversation at any time, leaving no trace since specific discussions aren’t meant to last forever.

You can also trigger an auto-delete timer in all Telegram chats, automatically deleting messages for all participants 24 hours or seven days after they are sent.

This guide will help to know how to turn on the auto-correct features on Telegram.  Let’s know.

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What is the auto-delete feature in Telegram? 

Users can now delete their messages and messages sent by others in the conversation using the new auto-delete feature in the Telegram app. They don’t even have to be the ones who began the thread or wrote the first post.

They have to know when it’s time. Members of a group chat who are not admins can only delete messages from their inboxes, so only an admin can delete the history of the group chat.

How to turn on the auto-delete feature in Android?

The telegram app auto-delete feature resembles WhatsApp’s disappearing alerts feature. To enable the auto-delete feature in android devices, follow the steps given below.

  • First,  go to the google play store to “update” the Telegram; if you don’t update it, then Telegram will not show this feature.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • You have to open the app on your android device and “click on the chat”, for which you have to clear the conversation or enable the auto-delete feature.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Then, inside the chat, click on the “three dots”, which are at the top of the right side.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Now, click on the “clear history” option in this menu, as shown in the screenshot.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Here, you have to select the timer of auto-deletion, which is from “24 hours to 7 days”.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Then, you have to click on the “Enable auto-delete” button to turn on this feature.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Finally, you have turned on the auto-delete feature in that particular chat.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram

How to turn on the auto-delete feature in IOS?

You can quickly turn on the auto-delete feature on an IOS device. Again, it is pretty simple and easy. If you don’t know how to enable it, then follow the below steps.

  • First of all, update the Telegram and then open the telegram app on the IOS device.
  • Then, click the chat for which you have to enable this feature.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • After, you have to hold on to the message in the chat until a context menu appears.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Then tap on the “select” option in the menu.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Afterwards, click on the “clear chat”, which will appear on the top of the screen.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Then, a new menu will load; here, you have to choose the “Enable Auto-delete” option.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • After this, a new pop-up screen will appear, and here, you have to choose after “one day or after one week”.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram
  • Finally, you have enabled the auto-delete feature for particular chats.
Auto-delete feature on Telegram

What are the benefits of auto-delete features?

Posts sent after the timer has been set will be deleted automatically; prior messages will remain in the chat history. Unlike Private Chats, the countdown begins when messages are sent rather than when they are read.

Users can access their chats more quickly with the home screen widget option. In addition, the expiring invite links framework enables them to render a generated connection inactive after a set of time. The Telegram software for Android and iOS has been updated to include the new features.

How to disable the auto-delete feature in Telegram?

If you want to disable the auto-delete feature in Telegram, then read the step given below:

  • First, you have to “open the chat”, for which you have to disable the auto-delete feature.
  • You have to return to the “clear history” option, which will appear when you click on “three dots”.
  • Then, you have to click on the “off option”.
  • Finally, click the “confirm button” to disable the auto-delete feature.


Q1. Does Telegram delete messages automatically?

Yes, Telegram will delete the message automatically for seven days or one day. It depends on the timer you have selected, and if you have enabled the auto-delete feature in the Telegram, only it will automatically delete the message.

Q2. How can I set my disappearing message on Telegram?

You have to follow the steps which I have given above. These steps will help you to set your disappearing message feature on Telegram. So it will help the user a lot.

Q3.How can I delete telegram messages from both sides?

It is easy to delete the message from both sides as if you enable the auto- feature; it will not delete the message from another side. So to delete the message from both sides, you have to click on the delete chat option inside the chat. Then, finally, click on the delta option to delete the message.

Q4.Can Telegram admins see deleted messages?

Yes, the admin can see the deleted message as when someone deletes the message from the group, it will appear to the group admin for 48 hours only after it will automatically delete. So if you want to see the deleted message in the group, you have to become the admin of that group. Otherwise, you cannot see the deleted message.


That’s all for this post. If you follow the above steps, you can easily enable the auto feature in Telegram. This article will help you, and I provided the complete information here in this post to not search for anything regarding features on the internet.

Telegram always comes with unique features; right now, it released the auto-delete feature in Telegram to automatically delete the message. I think now you know the complete information about the auto-delete feature. However, suppose you need more information regarding it. Then, you have to comment below, and we will update the article.

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