How to permanently delete telegram account- 100% Guide

Do you want to know how to delete telegram account permanently? If yes, you will have to read this article today carefully to delete your Telegram account permanently.

As you know, Telegram is a top-rated app for downloading movies, youtube videos and many more. But many people don’t like the telegram app and want to delete the telegram app. But some people don’t know how to delete their account.

So, this guide will help you as we will share the complete information about how you can quickly delete your Telegram account. First, you have to follow the steps correctly which are given by us. Then let’s start without delay.

How to save Telegram account data?

Friends, you will be happy to know that you can save all the data in your account before deleting the Telegram account. But, to save the data like images, videos, and other important file, you should have a Telegram desktop app. Then, to save the data, read the following steps carefully.

  •  First, open the telegram application and click on Settings.
  •  In it, you have to choose the export telegram data.
  •  After then, select Export Chat History and click on any data you want.
  • Finally, your data will save, and now you will not face any problem viewing it offline.
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Some important things

You have to keep this thing before deleting the account of Telegram permanently. So here are some essential thighs to know:

  1. You have to log in to your Telegram Account, from which you have to delete the account.
  2. For the deletion process, it should have Internet.
  3. Before deleting the Telegram account, you to have decided whether you want to delete it or not.
  4. To delete the Telegram Account permanently, you have to use the mobile browser or laptop. You cannot use the telegram app to delete the account.
  5. When you delete the account, you will receive a confirmation code in your Telegram app and not on SMS.

How to Permanently Delete Telegram Account?

You have to strictly follow all the steps given below to delete the Telegram account permanently.

1. First, you have to open the browser and type delete Telegram account permanently r this website URL-

2. After this, login interference will be visible. In this, you have to write the phone number and click on the Next button. You have to write the number in the international format, i.e. Country Code + Mobile Number (+9170896546782).

delete telegram account

3. Afterwards, You will get a Confirmation Code in your Telegram app, not through SMS. You have to open the app and copy the code.

delete telegram account

4. Then, you have to paste the code into the box of Confirmation Code box. Finally, you have to click on the Sign-in option.

delete telegram account

5. You have to write the reason for delete the telegram account permanently. Then, you have to click on Delete My Account.

delete telegram account

6. Finally, your account of Telegram is deleted permanently.

How to Deactivate Account in Telegram App?

As you know, there is no option inside Telegram to delete your account immediately, but you will be able to Deactivate your account with the help of the Self Destruct Process.

In this process, you will take one month from work to work to delete it completely. So if you want to delete with the help of the app, then follow the method given below.

  • First, open the Telegram App on your mobile phone and  you have to click on the menu in the Telegram
  • In the menu, you have to click on the Setting option.
delete telegram account
  • Inside the setting, click on the “Privacy & Security” option.
delete telegram account
  • Finally, click on Delete My Account if Away for Option and select one month.
delete telegram account

When you select this option, the Self Destructs period of your Telegram Account has started. If you do not come online for the next month, then your account will be deleted automatically.


Q.1 What will happen if we delete the Telegram Account permanently?

When you delete your telegram account, you will lose everything you have saved in the Telegram, whether it is an image, files, or videos. Movies or any other important data. Also. You will lose all the groups and channels you have created and the important messages with the people or friends.

Q.2 Can we recover deleted Telegram account?

No, You cannot recover the telegram account if you have permanently deleted it. But you can make a new telegram account with the same phone number or different.

Q.3 Does deleting the Telegram account remove my messages from my contacts chats?

If you delete the telegram account permanently, it will not delete messages you have sent to your contacts because they are stored in the cloud.

Q.4 Can I use Telegram with the same phone number again after deleting the account?

You can use Telegram with the same number again after deleting the account, but you will not get any data like group data, etc. You have to sign up for a new account in Telegram.

Q.5 How to delete the telegram account automatically?

If you are inactive in Telegram for the last one month or six months, then the I endeavor essential telegram itself deletes the account as it thinks that no user is using it. The Telegram has Self Destructs, which help to delete the account. You can change the settings in Telegram, and you can increase or decrease the period.


I hope you have liked this article on how to delete your Telegram account permanently.  My endeavor is to provide complete information to the readers about deleting the telegram account to not search on any other sites in Google.

This post will help them save their time and all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this post or want that there should be some improvement in it, you can write comments below.

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