How to search and download movies on telegram step by step guide 100%

Are you the one who loves to watch movies but finds it difficult to search and download a movie? If yes, then this article is for you as it will help you.

Telegram made it easier to download any movie. Today we will tell you how to search and download movies on Telegram.

Telegram Channels are the best source for downloading any movies and web series. The best thing about Telegram is that you can download the movie for free.

It is straightforward to search for movies on the Telegram and does not require any conditions. In Telegram, people make a telegram channel and provide a link, and By using this link, we can easily download the movies.

In this article, I have shared a few steps of downloading the movies from the Telegram app and added the pro tips on searching and downloading your favorite movie on Telegram. It will also help you to download movies from Telegram on your laptop.

How can I search and download movies on Telegram?

Step 1. First, you have to download the telegram app on your mobile device. You can download this app on any device as it is available for iOS, Android, Phone Windows, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

To download this app on android devices, you have to follow these steps

  • First, go to Google Play Store> Search for Telegram > Tap on the install button to download the Telegram app on your Android device.

Step 2. Then, Open the telegram app and follow these steps to search for the movie. It has a user-friendly inference, and it is easy to search for any movies. 

  • You have to tap on the ‘Search‘ icon in the upper right corner of the Telegram app.
  • Then, You have to type the name of any movie or web series you want to download or watch.

Moreover, you can search any movies, whether Comedy, Action, Romance, Science fiction movies or any other. You can also download Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and you can also download any streaming movies from Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc.

Step 3. After searching the movie, you have to open any Telegram channel from the list, like KGF chapter 2

  • When you search the movie, you will not get the link to the movie, but it will show the telegram channel you can download. As the admin of that channel provides a download link.
  • Then, click any of those channels to get the movies or web series file.
  • Now, you have to search for the movie link in the channel.
  • You can search by scrolling in the channel or use the search option. You can find the search option on the upper right corner of the telegram channel.  

Step 4. Finally, if you find the file, you have to click to download the movie and enjoy it.

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How to Download Movies from Telegram Bots?

In Telegram, you can use bots to do any task. You can even download the movies from bots. As to download the movies with the help of bots, you have to follow the steps:

  • First, You have to click on the search icon.
  • Search for @TGMovies_robot
  • Then, start talking to him by clicking the start button.
  • After then they will send the welcome message. Then click on the Search button to search the movie.
  • Afterwards,  enter the name of the movie you want to download in the chat box. Simply click on the movie file which is provided showing here.
  • Then, tap on the download icon to download the movie.
  • After downloading, you have to save this movie on your phone and enjoy it.

Best Channels to Download Movies on Telegram

If you don’t know the name of the channels on Telegram where you can find links to download movies, don’t worry! We’ve mentioned some channel names to search the download links for the movie you want to download.

So, here are some great telegram channels where you can find download links for movies and web series;

  • Netflix Originals
  • Movies_Web_Universe
  • Movie search bot
  • Google Drive Movies
  • Hindi Old Movies

Therefore, these are the best telegram channels for downloading links for movies and series on the Internet. Open the Telegraph app, click on the search icon, enter the channel name, open the channel. In the telegram channel, you will see many movies and download links to that movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is downloading movies from Telegram safe?

Yes, Telegram is safe to download any movies as it only allows those links which are virus-free. If some channels give an unsafe file, then Telegram automatically removes the file and channel. It has a strong security system.

2.How to find or locate a movie downloaded on Telegram in the phone’s storage?

Telegram does not save any downloaded movie on the phone by itself. We have to save the movie manually. To save the movie, you have to follow the following steps:

  • In the Telegram app, open that telegram channel from where you have downloaded the movie.
  • After, tap on the “3-dot menu” on the top-right corner of the downloaded movie.
  • Afterwards, click on the “Save to downloads” to save the movie on the mobile phone.
  • Finally, it is saved to the phone, and you can see it in your file manager.

3.How can I find a specific movie in Telegram?

To find a specific movie in the telegram app, you have just followed the steps I have given above. By following these methods, you can search for any particular movies, and you can download that movie free.


In this article, I have shared two methods” how you can search and download the movies on telegram“. You can choose any method you want to download any movie or web series.

And I also shared about how you can save the downloaded movie on your phone. Telegram is the best app to download any movie for free. With the help of Telegram, you can download any specific movie. So, you have to read the article and follow these steps carefully.

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