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If you are searching on Google about how to enable two-step verification on telegram? Then, your search comes to an end. I will guide you so that you can easily enable it.

Many thighs have been changed in today’s world due to the internet as lots of people come online to use social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Youtube, Telegram, and for doing work.

So, it becomes essential for us to have security in these social media platforms so that no hacker can hack your account quickly and leak your image, videos, contact details, etc.

So, to keep the data secure in telegram, you have to enable the two-step verification in your account as it will help to secure our data.

In short and simple terms, two-factor authentication provides two different authentication factors to validate itself. The security protocol depends on the user providing a password, as well as a second factor. The second factor may be security tokens, passwords, bio metric factors, or codes sent to your mobile phone.

Before telling the steps to enable it, read what is a two-factor verification in telegram:

What is two-step verification on telegram?

two-step verification is the process in which First, you have to verify yourself by entering the password and OTP to log into the telegram account. Many times we log in to our accounts on someone else’s phone or on some unofficial websites. Therefore there will increase the chance of data leak or your telegram account get hacked if you have not enabled the two-step verification.

But if you turn on two-step verification, no one can open your accounts even after knowing the username and password.

two-step verification is a lock that you will need a new key every time you open it. When someone logs into your account, an OTP (one-time password) will come on the number you have saved. And every time you log in, a new OTP will appear on your number. Therefore, no one will be able to open your accounts without OTP, and your account will be completely secure. It is also known as Two-factor authentication.

So friends, now know how we can enable two-step verification of all our social media accounts.

How to Enable Telegram two-step verification in android?

Telegram is a more secure app than other social media platforms. To increase the telegram’s security, we will learn how to enable the two-step verification in a telegram to secure your account.

  • First, open the telegram app on the mobile phone and then open the menu inside the app.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • Then, click on the setting option in the side menu, as shown in the screenshot.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • Then, in the setting, click on the privacy and security option.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • You have to click on the two-factor verification option under the security menu.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • After clicking the two-step verification, you will have to enter the password of your choice so that no one can guess it.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • Again, rewrite the passwords to confirm and click on the continue button.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • You have to add some words of password to remember if you forget the password.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • Then, You have to add your email id, so that if you forget your password, you can quickly restore or change the password.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • After adding a recovery email, the telegram will send the verification code to verify the account. You have to copy the code and write it in the box.
enable two-step verification on telegram
  • Finally, your Two-steps verification is enabled, and your account is safe and secure from the hacker.
enable two-step verification on telegram


Q.1 How can I reset my two-step verification in telegram?

When you log in to the account, it will ask for a password. If you forget the password, you can reset the password of two-step verification in telegram; read the steps carefully.

  • First,  click on the forgotten password option at the bottom of that page.
  • After,  then you have to add an email address, which you add to enable the verification feature.
  • Then,  enter the verification code sent by telegram in your recovery email. You have to write it in the box.
  • Finally, you can change the password.

Q2. How can I fix the Telegram verification code?

Suppose you don’t receive the verification code while enabling the two-step verification. Then, you have to allow all the permissions like call logs, microphone, and many more so that telegram can send the code to the email id. Otherwise, you will not get it.

Q3. How do I turn off 2-step verification on telegram?

If you don’t want two-step verification on telegram, you can quickly turn it off. So,  here are some steps:

  • First,  again under the security option, you have to click on the two-step verification.
  • Then,  enter the password for two-step verification.
  • After that,  you will have three options. You have to click on the second opinion, i.e. turn the password off.
  • You will see a popup display, and you have to click on the disable option.
  • Finally, your two-step verification is off.

Q4. What is the use of two-step verification in telegram?

Two-step verification is the best method to secure the account. It is used to secure our important documents, bank details, images, videos, etc., from the hacker. It also used to bring more security to various social media platforms, especially in telegram.

Q5.How does 2 step verification work in telegram?

When we open the account, it will need two information: a password and OTP to open the telegram account. If you do not fill in the correct details, you will not open the telegram account. That’s how two-step verification works in telegram.


Telegram is helpful for you to send or download the larger file. However, many people are used to business. So,  for the safety of data,  we can enable Two-step verification in telegram.

It is the best way to secure your essential data. But, unfortunately, it’s used by many people. I think this post will help you to get complete information about two-step verification. If you have any problems, you can comment below.

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