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These features helpful for everyone, because if you are a parent and you have to guide your children’s then you have to guide them without disturbed by using this without sound features, so the article is about to send a message without sound on telegram.

These are the intentions to we bring more article about telegram messengers. So that student and their parents benefited from these features. If someone using these features then her/him life is better than WhatsApp users because telegram has lots of features.

We are not blaming WhatsApp or its features because in this society everyone comparing the same activity applications “who is bigger?”.

So today we will discuss how to send a message without sounds on telegram, So without wasting your time let’s move to our main problems. Before going to the main topics if you are interested in telegram hidden features then look at our previous articles. If you not getting these articles then scroll down here you find our articles.

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Send a Message without Sound on Telegram

We are always repeating same points to simplified the process, The process is you have to updates your telegram messengers application so that you will get this features.

First of all you have to open your telegram messengers after updating the apps. Here you have to do is open your friend, girl friend, father or mother chat inbox, So that you can message her/him without disturbing.

Then the process is very easy for everyone because if you are our regular visitors then you know our methods.

So the process is, you have to open your telegram messengers app then choose your partner to chat with her. Then type your message in the message box and press the sending button for few seconds.

Now in your screen some options pop up and here you have to choose the pop up option “send without sound“.

Send a Message without Sound

Now this message will delivered without sound in your boyfriend or girlfriend : )

So this was small tricks, you can use it for various cases. Our motive is to provide batter knowledge to our society.

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Here in the Technology Society group we forever spread positive tech news and tips, guides.

So my dear friends, If you have any doubts about this articles then comments down, We are trying to solve your queries also If you want to talk with me then you can contact me on whatsapp.

In this blog to our aim is to provide some basic insight about telegram. If you like our articles then do not forget to share it with your friends and family, In this site we are bring more articles about telegram so stay tuned on.

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