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Hey, beautiful community welcome to the Soumya Talk web page, If you wondering for how to set up a schedule message on telegram messengers then you’re in the right place.

Day by day telegram messenger growing up and this application has offered unique features.

Today time everyone using telegram because a few months ago WhatsApp policy issue has disturbed. This times many people are going to uninstall this application and using Telegram, Signal like apps.

Everyone knows about telegram apps but after facing some issue in WhatsApp they move to telegram, ok! This is not our problem, if you don’t know what are the policy people facing problematic then tell me in the comment section so that we discuss about it.

Now times to move on to our issues “how to set up a schedule message on telegram messengers“. This feature is very beneficial for boyfriends and girlfriends and also friends because if you know someone birthday and you want to wish her/him to at midnight 12:00 Am but you also need to sleep then these features are very helpful.

Just you have to schedule this ‘Happy Birthday‘ Message and send them. Now telegram sends this message to your friends.

So without absorbing your time, let me tell you the technique point by point to set up a schedule message on telegram. By the way, this type of article we are going to bring more if you have any queries about these messaging apps then comment down the comment section.

Set up a Schedule Message on Telegram

First of all, you have to follow the basics rules, what is the basic rule? First, you have to update your telegram messengers application so that you will get these features.

After updating telegram apps then you have to select your friends, with whom you want to chat.

Then type your message, if you can’t get our points then you have followed the screenshot. Here I’m messaging my friend Sachin and I’m typing ‘Hey‘ Now you can also type this message or else.

Schedule Message on Telegram Messengers

Now you have to press the sending button for few seconds then here you can see a pop-up option “Schedule Message” tap here.

At this same moment, Some feature popups (Send in 30 minutes, send in 2 hours, send in 8 hours), these are the time schedule to send message to your friends.

Schedule Message on Telegram Messengers

In this section, one good option is “send at specific date” here you can choose your time. You can set which time to wish or send a message in your pattern.

Schedule Message on Telegram Messengers

Here I’m choosing 30 minutes, after 30 minutes My message will be sent to him after completing 30 minutes.

This is the basic step to set up a schedule message on telegram. These features are also available in group chat.

Here you can see that now schedule message will be delivered, Look at the below screenshot.

Schedule Message on Telegram Messengers

In a group chat, you can also set up a schedule message. This is a small method to you can easily send a message to your friends, buddy.

My lovely friend I made an effort to make this article easy to comprehend, how to set up a schedule message on telegram. So in future, we will bring more article about the telegram, if you have any queries about the telegram, just comment below. We will try to solve your problem, we aim to provide knowledgeable information to our society.

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Here in the Technology Society group we always spread positive tech news and tips, guides.

Also for that reason, we have decided to give rise to more articles about telegram messenger apps and for that purpose, you are always welcome to our website at Soumya Talk.

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